30th of September

Space Oddity

Easily embed your Youtube or Vimeo videos at the top of a post rather than a gallery or featured image by simply copy/paste the URL of the video in to the special meta box offered when creating a new post.

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12th of April

Self Hosted Audio Playlist

Easily display an audio player of your self hosted audio files either as single track or as a playlist.

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30th of September


Easily embed your Youtube or Vimeo videos at the top of a post rather than a gallery or featured image by simply copy/paste the URL of the video in to the special meta box offered when creating a new post.

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9th of June

#GetInvolved 2015

I don’t care if you’re democrat, republican or independent if you’re paying attention then you think we’re in big trouble here in America and abroad. This is our time and our generation’s role as stewards of humanity, and we need to shine. We need to get involved and realize it does matter. It does matter if you get involved in your community. It does matter if you vote. It does matter if you go to those city council meetings. It does matter if you speak up. For the second half of 2015 we are going to focus on getting involved in our communities and doing it first on a local level and then on a national level. There are many city council and  mayoral races in 2015, and of course the big showdown in 2016. We are a very polarized nation once again, and there are major ideological differences at war for control of America. The loser throughout history has always been the people. The poverty ridden, working people, the middle class and even the upper middle class. The corporations that run the world yield so much power that only the unity of the people will let us bring the meaningful peaceful desperately needed change for a more common sense and community driven governance of ourselves. We have the peaceful means to make these changes through the US Constitution and court system. One thing I’ve heard from both democrats and republicans say they’re in favor of a Constitutional Convention. Look up Constitutional Convention and see what you find. But MOST OF ALL!!!! VOTE this year in your local elections and next year in what will turn out to be the most funded election of all time, period! It matters! I don’t care what your ideology #GETINVOLVED it matters I need volunteers to help enroll voters in your local area. So far we have Charleston, SC and Muncie, IN as two cities to focus on for the upcoming elections! Please let me know if you’d like to start a #getinvolved group for your area and help register voters! Please use the comments section of the site to contact us! #makeadifferencenotwar To learn more about how to register to vote use this link to get started: http://www.usa.gov/Citizen/Topics/Voting/Register.shtml

15 Days of Focus Goal Worksheet copy
6th of March

Free Download of 15 Day Focus Journal & Workbook

FMMission started out 2015 with our 15 Days of Focus Project. Our goal was to help clarify our own vision for 2015, and share that creative process with some accountability partners (that’s you and I personally btw).
We found that actually having a tool to help us get rid of the clutter and utilize our focus would make this activity easier for us all. We have put together a 15 Days of Focus Journal and Workbook. The book itself will have many more details and directions, but the basics are the cover (our list of 5 goals) and our daily journals (we’ve included day 1 only, but each following day is the same except for the quote at the top). Feel free to print the cover and 15 of the pages and begin utilizing this focus tool for free!

Attached is the cover / goals page and the daily journal page. Print the cover and 15 journal pages to begin. Staple them together like a book and commit to using it for the next 15 days.

The next two weeks truly are the most important of your life…

15 Days of Focus Goal Worksheet


15 Days of Focus Goal Worksheet copy

focusday1 copy

29th of December

15 Days of focus: 2015.


Ok, here it is… 15 Days of Focus to start 2015! I’ve thought it over several times now, wondering what is the best way we can start 2015 off right and get us moving in the right direction. I’ve found that most people just cannot focus for 2 full weeks. I know it seems too simple or simply not true, but I’ve found it to be the case with 90% of the people I’ve ever worked with on any project. People talk big about their dreams, plans or goals but they just cannot follow up with that action and planning for over 2 weeks. In my companies we’ve always had ‘The Monday Meeting’ to discuss plans to actualize our goals. What I’ve found without fail is that most people came into day 14 as if we’d never even discussed the plans or goals just a short 2 weeks ago. I would venture to say this affliction stops 90% of people before they ever really get started. Life, the wind, or any excuse big or small find a way to take up the time and focus of most people before they ever get started. So, this is where they end up residing for the majority of their life. They seem to be perpetually stuck in this 2 week cycle of never actually starting or committing to their self professed goals. Why? I really don’t know. I have lots of theories and reasons, but ultimately people just won’t make the self sacrifice to get the things out of life they want. I’ve decided in my life that I don’t need to know why anymore. FMMission’s goal is to help empower those who are truly working to break through those self imposed barriers.

Enough about those who won’t be still reading this in 15 days. The FMMission goal is for those who will still be reading it on Jan. 20th! So, what we are going to do is give you time for the NYE Party on Dec. 31 and some rest and relaxation through the weekend! The 15 days of focus starts on Monday Jan. 5th and goes through Jan. 20. If you’re still a part of the FMMission 15 days of focus then I believe you will have positioned yourself to make major positive changes in your life in 2015! It’s that simple. Below list 5 major goals for 2015. Make a list of one thing you will do in each major goal. Just one goal and one action step! Follow through on here and let FM know that you’re still getting after it!


My 5 Major Goals 2015:

1. Make a Hit Song out of ‘Like Johnny Loved June’ 2015.

2. Make ‘Common Market’ into a profitable community focused business in 2015.

3. Develop complete infrastructure of FM Companies.
• FMMarketing
• FMMedia Solutions
• FMMusiclive.com
• FMTravel

4. Finalize Real Estate Deals on the Two FM Properties.

5. Finalize structure and outreach plan for FMMission, Dreamerlove.com & Iamnotanonymousblog.com

6. Just a personal note, make more time for family and loved ones!

I have an exact action plan for each of these goals. By Jan. 20th I’ll have plans finalized and first action steps taken. This is the goal list I will relentlessly return to when I find myself off track! Let me know your 5. We will use these same goals through the year for all 2015 Projects and goals!!!


30 days
1st of August

30 Day Challenge

You’re cordially invited (antagonized) to join me for the next 30 Days (Aug. 1 – Sept. 1st) for The FMMission.com 30 Day Challenge. Very Simple. Make a list of 10 things you’re going to do in the next 30 Days. Winners will be moving forward with their mission in life. Losers will have at least taken actions steps which is a win in the big picture. Those who do nothing… Well the next 30 Days will be like the last 30, and the following 30 will be the same!

So here’s the challenge: Make a list of 10 Items. Post it here in the comments, and myself and the rest of us who’ve committed to the 30 Day Challegne will hold each other accountable.

My list:

1. Finish New CD
2. Organize Taxes
3. Produce FMMedia Brochures
4. Organize all sites hosted on FMMediasolutions.com

5.Define what I can do with FM Consulting for Venue Clients, and begin to implement plan before 30 days is up. (i.e. Silo, Cleos)
6. Talk to 3 Entrepreneurs about joining company.
7. Affirm All Business Relations (18 People on list).
8. Sign up @ Eco Fitness and work out 12xs this month
9. Make final decisions on FMTravel.info & Revamp FMMusiclive.com
10. Surf Every Week in Aug.

Very Simple, but focused. Do all 10 and FMMission will have a secret prize for all winners.

I’ll leave you with some of the best advice I’ve ever read, “Start wherever you are, with whatever you have, right now.”

Make Your list and post to the comments and we’ll help each other come out more focused and confident in our ability to make progress in our lives!

30 days

5th of June

6 Subtle Things Highly Productive People Do Every Day – Business Insider

6th of April

Mark Cuban’s 12 Rules for Startups | Entrepreneur.com

3rd of April

My Core Four (4)


I went exploring yesterday. In listening to Tony Robins advice to “Always take a little time, even if just 15 minutes a day for yourelf”. The MMB has been taking Sundays as a day to remember why we do what we do and hit the beach. We decided to explore the islands. I posted yesterday that taking time to explore allows your mind and soul a space to create. In my exploration I decided to line out my core 4 missions in life as to hold myself accountable, and to maybe give you a blue print for focusing down your core mission(s) so your actions and energies can all be directed toward your goals. You’d be amazed at how much you can get accomplished when you align your core goals and basic actions. Alas, here is what I call “My Core 4”. (You can call yours whatever works for you; I like having 4 no more than 5 core missions to focus my ever day dreaming mind.

My Personal Mission Statement: I am inspiring people to not live lives of quiet desperation.

That is my personal mission statement and I align all of my actions with my missions by focusing my energy on what I call “My Core Four”. If it does not line up in one of these four categories then I have to respectfully decline because time is the only non-renewable resource. The key is to align all of your major actions and investments of money and resources so as to use the synergy of time as your friend and not your enemy.

My Core 4:

Changing The World
1. FMMission Blog / Show / Zine – This is where I put all projects that are true to my mission of being a light of change I wish to see in the world. Non-Profits, Community Development, and Empowering people to be the change. Any aspect of my life that is about the big picture and not about the moola (money).

Helping empower live music
2. FMMusic Live Booking / Merch / Promotion / Production
This is any project which involves our empowering live music to happen. Music Venues, Concerts, CD production, booking, promotions. We use our FMMusic LLC for all business transactions in the live music business. This is FMMusic Live. This is Doc’s & Folly Moon the venues. Beatniks.

Empowering People To Understand The Business of Life
3. FMMarketing – Social Entrepr / Travel / Business Development / Consulting
This section specifically is for all non-music related business. Our focus on empowering individuals, companies and start ups to help make an impact. This is also the marketing, sales and consulting side of the FM Family.

My Personal Time – My Family, Friends & Musical Family
4. The Michael Martin Band – Making Music. This is where my personal life and missions exist. My Family and Friends along with all my personal creative projects exist here. My general auto, housing and personal investments go here.

If it doesn’t fit into one of these categories then I have to respectfully decline because time is precious and FMMissionaries are on a mission.

Action Step:
Make your core 4 (or 5 at the very most) list and align your energies and focus. You’ll save time, get more done, and be generally happier doing more of what you love!

Mike – Feel free to comment on what you’re core 4 is and how you are using your core 4!

30th of March

Taking time to explore today!

Taking time to explore gives your soul and your imagination space to create. Let me know what you are exploring in the comments. The Mmb and family are exploring the islands today… pics to follow.